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Meet customer demands for new gas equipment designs faster than your competition.

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Oil & Gas Equipment

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Achieve faster and more efficient oil & gas equipment design with Solid Edge

Solid Edge software enables industrial machinery manufacturers of all sizes to streamline their design processes and meet these market pressures.

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Accelerate the Oil & Gas
Equipment Design Process

Oil and gas equipment manufacturers face pressure to improve the speed and quality of their product design and engineering processes so they can deliver new designs to their customers on time and meet their expectations for products with the highest quality and safety standards and that have documented compliance with industry and government regulations.

Solid Edge provides powerful and easy-to-use solutions for oil equipment design and gas equipment design that help meet these pressures. Regardless of your manufacturing size, you can use Solid Edge to improve your manufacturing design processes and deliver high-quality products on time, enabling you to increase your cash flow and profit margins.

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The Solid Edge Advantage

Solid Edge can speed oil equipment design and help your company flourish in the demanding oil and gas equipment manufacturing business environment with:

Rapid virtual design of parts and sub-assemblies using Solid Edge with synchronous technology ensuring accurate fit and function of equipment components by designing, analyzing and modifying 3D parts within 3D assembly models

Solid Edge data management offers scalable solutions for management of CAD files and related technical data that meet the needs of industry machinery manufacturers, from startups and very small firms to larger manufacturers with distributed operations.

Accurate and timely supply of information to the shop floor including 2D drawings, 3D models and bills of materials resulting in less errors and rework in manufacturing

Virtual testing and validation of critical parts and assemblies using integrated Solid Edge Simulation software that does not require specialist analysis staff

Automatic creation and update of 2D engineering drawings for gas and oil equipment design

Fast creation of photorealistic images of the final equipment design to support sales and marketing efforts

Solid Edge manufacturing applications for accurate definition and control of machining and fabrication processes

With 3D CAD, simulation, manufacturing and design management capabilities, Solid Edge provides an integrated portfolio of affordable and easy-to-use industrial machinery design solutions that help companies design better.

Customer Highlight

World Class Mechanical Sealing Specialist Chooses Solid Edge

Solid Edge has empowered AESSEAL’s design team to work more effectively, enabling the company to develop and introduce the complex products demanded by the highly competitive mechanical sealing industry.

Oil & Gas Equipment


  • Time consuming and laborious to create sophisticated designs using 2D CAD
  • 2D made it impossible for designers to visualize and create new components
  • Need to improve process and time efficiencies

Keys to Success

  • Use Solid Edge software to enable designers to work more effectively and efficiently
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce time to bring products from conception to the first production run by integrating Solid Edge with NX CAM software to automate process


  • Reduced design time from two days to around half an hour
  • Ability to create complex design impossible with previous 2D system
  • Solid Edge models are used in presentations and corporate videos

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Solid Edge and oil & gas design

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