Scalable simulation for design validation and optimization

Identifying and resolving design issues prior to manufacturing results in significant reduction in cost and time to delivery by reducing the need for physical prototypes. The Solid Edge portfolio provides powerful tools to digitally optimize and validate designs.

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From start to finish, tools to meet your needs

From digital validation of part and assembly designs and finite element analysis to fully embedded computational fluid dynamics, Solid Edge provides robust simulation capabilities to suit your needs.

Simulation Optimization

Solid Edge Simulation

通过内置的有限元分析 (FEA) 工具,设计工程师可以在 Solid Edge 环境中通过数字方式验证零件和装配设计。Solid Edge Simulation 对实体原型的需求显著下降,从而降低材料和测试成本,缩短设计时间。

Simcenter Femap

经济高效的工程桌面 FEA 建模。Simcenter Femap 是独立于 CAD 且基于 Windows 技术的预处理器和后处理器,在高级工程有限元分析方面世界领先。

Flow Simulation

Simcenter FLOEFD for Solid Edge

Simcenter FLOEFD 完全内嵌在 Solid Edge 中,让设计工程师能够前端装载计算流体力学 (CFD) 分析或者将仿真尽早加入设计流程,从而帮助检查走势并消除不符合预期要求的设计选项。

Simcenter Flomaster for Solid Edge

A fast, flexible and accurate solution for modeling thermo-fluid systems, Simcenter Flomaster for Solid Edge automatically creates a model based on CAD data, aiding in the computation and visualization of flow velocity, temperature and pressure drop in pipe works in a 1D environment.


Peter van Harrewijn,Hydrauvision 工程师


Hydrauvision 如何处理压力

Hydrauvision 的产品经过最严苛的测试,因为这些产品在极为恶劣的环境下使用,必须承受巨大的运行和环境压力。同时,由于这些产品用于海外应用,因此必须通过严格的法规符合性标准才能发货。Hydrauvision 的客户期待高品质、可信性和可靠性 — 但他们同样期待快速响应和快速周转。



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Best-in-class capabilities in Solid Edge provide design engineers with powerful tools to help digitally validate their designs to build better products in less time by front loading the simulation process.

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