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WashTech: Transforming assembly line part cleaning with one-piece flow washing machines

Founded by Mathieu Fresco in 2015, WashTech is an industrial washing company specialized in the design and manufacture of machines for cleaning industrial components. The company has a total of 16 employees and averages $1.8 million in annual sales. Fresco attributes his company’s success to what was, in retrospect, a simple idea: bring the washing […]

Solid Edge helps contract manufacturer accelerate product development cycle by 50%

CHALLENGES Produce high-quality, lower-cost products faster Work seamlessly across different CAD systems Deliver high-value, meeting or exceeding customer expectations KEYS TO SUCCESS Make it fast and right the first time Engage synchronous technology for error-free, multi-CAD file sharing, design freedom, easy handling of large assemblies and knowledge re-use Employ built-in PDM to improve data management […]

Specialty manufacturer increases production by 20% while achieving double-digit cost reduction

CHALLENGES Simplify complex design process to better serve customers Migrate to a totally 3D development environment KEYS TO SUCCESS Solid Edge with synchronous technology, especially capabilities for rapid editing of designs RESULTS Manufacturing cost cut by 15 percent Engineering design productivity increased by 20 percent Design cycle time reduced by 35 percent Assembly errors reduced […]

A better approach for meeting very short lead times

CHALLENGES Very short lead times Many product variants KEYS TO SUCCESS Transition from SolidWorks to Solid Edge Strong assembly modeling, sheet metal and weldments design functionality Fast drawing creation Parasolid kernel compatibility with other CAD and CAE programs Insight for design management RESULTS Better ability to meet short lead times Virtual prototyping replaces physical testing […]

Hydrauvision uses simulation to deal with pressure during design

Hydrauvision’s products are put through the toughest of tests, as they are used in rugged environments and must withstand substantial operational and environmental stress. And because they’re used in offshore applications, the products must pass strict regulatory compliance guidelines before they can be shipped. Hydrauvision’s customers expect high quality, dependability and reliability–but they also expect […]

The Hero Lab brings an artistic approach to sheet metal

Matt Barton has always been a mechanical mind—from taking apart an heirloom cuckcoo clock at four years old to heading research and development and new product development for what was the largest jeep aftermarket suspension company in the country, he’s always had an interest in figuring out what makes things work. Most recently, Barton moved […]

Hutton Technologies: A simple idea leads to a water pump with the power to change the world

Hutton Technologies Using Solid Edge enables farmers in the developing world to exchange five hours of carrying buckets for one hour of pumping A simple product, a huge impact David Hutton, managing director of Hutton Technologies Ltd, was only 3 years-old when he designed and built a system for transporting domestic garbage downstairs on waste […]

Kraftblock - storage-based energy system

Siemens is supporting innovative start-ups with a free annual subscription to Solid Edge, a complete hybrid 2D/3D CAD system. One such start-up is Kraftblock. The fledgling enterprise, started by founders Dr. Martin Schichtel and Susanne König, is dedicated to the development of modern energy storage technology. As the usage of renewable energy continues to grow, […]