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dynisma motorsport driving simulator

Using advanced technical features and flexible software licensing to rapidly scale up from a startup

CHALLENGES Launch and rapidly scale disruptive global startup business Establish software interoperability and efficient data management Onboard skilled labor KEYS TO SUCCESS Participate in Solid Edge for Startups program Use Siemens Mechanical Design bundle for better flexibility in product development Work with Siemens’ solution partners to get set up with software licenses Rapidly bring new […]

Migliorare l'efficienza nello sviluppo dei caricabatterie per i veicoli elettrici

SFIDE Sviluppare prodotti in tempi brevi Integrare flussi di lavoro di progettazione multidisciplinari Eliminare i silos di dati nel processo di sviluppo prodotto Migliorare la comunicazione con i produttori a contratto I SEGRETI DEL SUCCESSO Utilizzo di soluzioni integrate per la progettazione meccanica, elettrica, elettronica e le pubblicazioni tecniche Formazione e supporto forniti da ADOPT […]
hymer concept camper van

Recreational vehicle manufacturer digitalizes concept of camper van

CHALLENGES Design leading RVs Create and verify complex and innovative designs Present vehicles under development Use CAD data in sales and assembly documentation KEYS TO SUCCESS Build complete digital twin of vehicles Use Solid Edge for 3D product design Create life-like renderings for marketing and sales Use VR for configuration and worker assistance RESULTS
Cruise liner Wonder of the Seas in open water

Turning complex design concepts into a competitive advantage for building the world’s largest cruise ship

CHALLENGES Manage complexity in the design and integration of the largest and most complex cruise ships Remain competitive in a dynamically changing sector Implement a complete digitalization process KEYS TO SUCCESS Harness complexity via an integrated and open CAD digital twin Provide an object-centric BOM process Use Solid Edge to complement the overall digital process […]
Truck designed through cloud CAD tools

Using cloud collaboration tool to reduce truck hoist design and development time by 80 percent

CHALLENGES Design a truck hoist with 25 percent more capacity Enable access to hoist design files regardless of location Streamline collaboration between engineering and management Facilitate collaboration process for CAD users and nonusers KEYS TO SUCCESS Access design files easily via cloud-based browser interface Use the app to streamline the hoist design and development process […]
Picture of Yanu at its bar, serving a drink.

Bringing a robot bartender to market 2.5 times faster by eliminating design inconsistencies and streamlining development

CHALLENGES Design and prototype a fully autonomous robotic bartender called Yanu Eliminate design inconsistencies between designers and engineers KEYS TO SUCCESS Use a single platform for product development data Balance robotic innovation and functionality within the Solid Edge environment Use modules for sheet metal design, data management, 3D printing and electrical routing to increase the […]

Incrementare le vendite del 500% con la prototipazione digitale

SFIDE Progettare e costruire macchine sempre più complesse Controllare l'adattamento e il funzionamento dei componenti in assiemi di grandi dimensioni Ridurre i tempi di sviluppo e le rilavorazioni Comunicare con clienti, fornitori e produttori a contratto I SEGRETI DEL SUCCESSO Innovazione supportata dalla prototipazione digitale Progettazione più rapida dei nuovi prodotti e riduzione dei costi […]

Establishing a hands-on manufacturing internship program

NIT Kurukshetra partners with Siemens to train over 350 students in industry-grade software. Empowering indigenous manufacturing Technological advancements are accelerating and in turn, transforming the global economy. The National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kurukshetra is one of India’s first technical, higher education institutes. During its journey of over five decades, the institute has made remarkable […]
Rinnai Korea, stovetop range dials on stainless brushed steel

Thermal appliance firm improves design data management and manufacturing

Rinnai Korea uses Teamcenter and Solid Edge to enhance competitiveness and save over USD$1 million annually. Leading the thermal and gas appliances sector Rinnai Korea is a thermal appliance company that develops and manufactures cooking, hot-water heating, and commercial equipment, and supplies gas stoves, ovens, gas boilers, water heaters, and commercial kitchen equipment. Based on […]

Leveraging a comprehensive digital twin to increase sales by 10 to 15 percent

Solid Edge and Teamcenter enable Burgener to optimize components prior to production Embracing digital change Somewhere in the world a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products is reviewing its plans for a new, fully automatic Burgener filling system with the integrated welding module, which will be used to package and seal products for distribution. The system looks […]