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Limbic Chair VR | Limbic Life

Limbic Chair VR | Limbic Life

We designed the Limbic Chair VR as a tool for hands-free, gaze independent 3D navigation in VR.

With our scientific background in neuroscience and medicine, we designed the Limbic Chair VR based on how the brain and body’s nervous system best work together. We researched how navigation works in real life, particularly how it is possible that we can walk, even run, while typing on our smart phones or looking left and right without really having to focus on where exactly we are stepping most of the time.

Research revealed that evolution gave us two separate pathways that work almost independently, but in perfect coordination with each other. One of these pathways coordinates the focus area of our vision with our hands, while the other one connects our peripheral vision with our spinal gait control for locomotion.

Siemens Digital Industries Software & TECHNOLOGY PARTNERING PROGRAM

Limbic Life is part of the Siemens Digital Industries Software & Technology Program. Our goal is to develop new CAD- and VR usability solutions based on Limbic Chair VR technology. The same way the Limbic Chair VR can be used to navigate a user’s point of view through VR in 3D, it can be used to move the point of view or objects in CAD, freeing up a hand and giving the user a more intuitive, improved workflow.

For CAD, editing of images, MRIs, text, and more – the connected Limbic Chair VR can help improve your workflow and efficiency.