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PDM Studio | CAD Partner GmbH

PDM Studio | CAD Partner GmbH

PDM Studio is a proven, multi-CAD capable solution for uniform, structured product data management throughout the entire company. Its ease of use, maximum flexibility in terms of adaptations and extensions, and short implementation time make it the tool of choice for small and medium-sized companies in particular.

PDM Studio already includes a wide range of standard functionalities including:

  • Integration with Solid Edge and further CAD systems
  • Where-used list
  • Project management
  • Life cycle phases
  • Release workflows
  • Versioning
  • Revisioning

In addition, PDM Studio can be fully extended with further modules. These include:

  • Automation Designer
  • Geometric search
  • ERP interface
  • Office file format integration
  • Plug-ins and open interface

The Automation Designer in particular, includes excellent capabilities for automating routine processes such as the creation of neutral format files, or the control of print and plot jobs. It prevents manual errors and creates free space thus increasing efficiency and quality. Customized workflows can be put together simply by drag & drop, without any programming knowledge.

PDM Studio is characterized by an extremely short implementation time. Preparation, data transfer and training for admins and users are usually completed within three to four weeks. Sophisticated project management during the introduction ensures continuous work and minimizes the administrative burden on the employees involved.

In many cases, PDM Studio pays for itself within the first year of its implementation.