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CAMWorks – HCL Technologies

CAMWorks – HCL Technologies

CAMWorks for Solid Edge – Fully Embedded CAM at its Best

CAMWorks for Solid Edge is a fully embedded Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) solution for Solid Edge. Using CAMWorks for Solid Edge, the CAD and CAM models become one in the same and users can create CNC programs within the familiar Solid Edge interface. All the CAD and CAM data is stored directly within the Solid Edge part or assembly file. There’s no need to maintain separate CAM files, typically required by stand-alone CAM systems, and the fully associative toolpaths update automatically to design changes, so you’ll never have to worry about machining an old revision of the part.

Smart Manufacturing – Through Automation

CAMWorks circular flowchartCAMWorks for Solid Edge is a feature-based CAM system that uses cutting-edge feature recognition technology to recognize machinable features automatically. Within seconds, machinable features on the Solid Edge model are recognized and added to the CAMWorks Feature Tree. Once the features have been identified, CAMWorks for Solid Edge uses Knowledge-Based Machining to automatically generate the operations and toolpaths for machining using the patented technology database or TechDB™. The TechDB™ allows users to capture the best practices of their CNC programmers and machinists, into a company-owned database, and reuse them automatically. The combination of both automatic feature recognition and knowledge-based machining reduces programming time by as much as 90%, reduces cycle time to increase production, promotes standardization, and improves quality.

Digital Transformation – Using the Latest Technology

CAMWorks for Solid Edge offers state-of-the-art technology to optimize CNC programs and virtually prove-out CNC programs to reduce setup time. CAMWorks VoluMill is an ultra, high-speed rough milling technology that can reduce cycle time by 80% or more and extend tool life by as much as 400%.

To dramatically reduce cycle time for turning operations, PrimeTurning™ by Sandvik Coromant is also available for CAMWorks for Solid Edge. Using PrimeTurning™, speeds, and feeds can be increased by 2 to 3 times while insert life increases by 400%.
CAMWorks Virtual Machine performs true G-code simulation to virtually prove-out CNC programs, avoid costly collisions and dramatically reduce setup time. CAMWorks Virtual machine virtually simulates all of the components of a CNC machine, the fixture or work holding devices and the tools and tool holders, along with the finished part model and raw material or stock used for machining.

The technology in CAMWorks for Solid Edge can dramatically increase your production using your existing machines and workforce. No other integrated CAM system on the market offers more capabilities or faster return on investment to Solid Edge users than CAMWorks for Solid Edge. Program Smarter, Machine Faster… get CAMWorks for Solid Edge!