Industrial cleaning equipment supplier reduces rework and increases productivity with Solid Edge

NGCT Cleansys | Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment | Pune, India

Industrial cleaning equipment supplier reduces rework and increases productivity with Solid Edge

NGCT Cleansys

NGCT Cleansys designs, manufactures and supplies cleaning and degreasing equipment with aqueous and solvent-based technologies. Its products include single and multi-chamber, multi-process systems, tunnel washers and vacuum assisted solvent systems in standard and tailor-made versions.

Next-generation design tools

In the past, NGCT Cleansys relied on AutoCAD® software in a 2D design environment. The 2D approach made the design process challenging, as it was difficult to visualize or precisely gauge parameters for elements such as pipes in two dimensions. This limitation led to frequent reworking of designs to correct errors and improve quality. Other challenges, such as revision tracking and the inability to use design data from different vendors, limited the company’s productivity.

Management at NGCT Cleansys envisioned an advanced and integrated 3D system that could help minimize errors, improve quality and increase productivity. The company had several criteria for the new system: it should be flexible in use, models should be easy to understand, and it should help minimize time-consuming rework.

Going for the cutting edge

NGCT Cleansys opted for Solid Edge® software from Siemens Digital Industries Software. Solid Edge includes cutting-edge computer-aided design (CAD) tools that help manage virtually every aspect of design, manufacturing and production. The 3D environment of Solid Edge delivers the ability to design, simulate and manage design data, and also includes synchronous technology that enables quick revisions and easy re-use of design data, features that NGCT Cleansys required to improve design and production.

Today, NGCT Cleansys uses Solid Edge to create and release drawings with unique numbers that can be used by any of its vendors to manufacture components with correct dimensions. The design team models standard subassemblies using Solid Edge standard assembly modeling commands. The release and tracking of drawing revisions is carried out automatically, and leads to substantial time savings.

“With Solid Edge synchronous technology, we’re no longer faced with the problem of releasing and tracking drawing revisions,” says Vinay Anagol, managing director and chief technical officer at NGCT Cleansys. “Solid Edge allows us to review our designs, eliminate any errors in design before production, and thus avoid major rework,” adds Sushilkumar, general manager operation and engineering.