Flow control manufacturer uses Solid Edge to improve assembly efficiency

Pentair | China

Flow control manufacturer uses Solid Edge to improve assembly efficiency


Finding a perfect match

Pentair’s Valves & Controls business unit is its largest, producing valves, actuators and flow control products. Pentair is a global leader in this domain and provides services and solutions for the most challenging applications across a variety of industries, including oil and gas, power, metallurgy and chemical. With a wealth of expertise accumulated over 140 years and more than 900 technology patents awarded in recent years, Pentair delivers vital infrastructure to local communities around the globe.

In China, Pentair’s Valves & Controls business unit has established a comprehensive, efficient and fast-operating system that integrates manufacturing, sales, inventory, assembly, maintenance and service. Its Product Automation Center is representative of similar branches of Pentair across China.

Pentair’s Beijing Product Automation Center bought licenses of Solid Edge software primarily for the design of electrical accessories that are needed when making valve controls, fittings and actuators, and for drafting 3D assembly drawings according to assembly or bidding requirements.

In comparison to other heavy machinery manufacturers, the center’s business involves low repeatability for products and high repeatability for parts, with the combination of different product parts leading to a high volume of finished output.

Solid Edge is highly suitable for Pentair’s Beijing Product Automation Center in terms of scale and business scope. Solid Edge, which utilizes Windows® software, has a user-friendly interface. It is particularly advantageous to mid-end users who want their software to be easy to use and fast to operate, and who need to accommodate extensive design variations.

According to the management of Pentair’s Beijing Product Automation Center, Solid Edge is a perfect match, both functionally and operationally.

“We wanted design software that was more user-friendly instead of a static unengaging tool,” says Xie Ke, general administrator and warehouse director at the Product Automation Center, Beijing Office, Pentair Valves & Controls Corporate China. “Solid Edge is that software; it makes our work much easier.”