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SolidCAM iMachining | SolidCAM

SolidCAM iMachining | SolidCAM

SolidCAM’s exclusive and patented iMachining is an intelligent high speed milling technology that creates significantly faster and safe CNC programs to machine mechanical parts with first part success, while maximizing tool life. SolidCAM is now integrated inside Solid Edge.

SolidCAM Mission

SolidCAM’s large customer base spans across all industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, optics, energy, mold making, prototyping, and more. SolidCAM customers include Job Shops, medium size engineering and manufacturing companies, large aerospace and automotive companies as well as technical colleges and vocational institutions.

SolidCAM iMachining

SolidCAM’s revolutionary, patented iMachining takes the machining industry to new heights. Providing unique, amazing benefits, saving 70% and more in CNC machining times, and dramatically reducing tool wear, while the patented Technology Wizard guides machinists to perfect machining results.

Advanced Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type

Achieve shortest cycle times with perfectly synched multi-turrets and spindle operations. SolidCAM provides powerful, easy-to-learn & use programming tools and advanced simulation for the full range of Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type machines.

SolidCAM integration with Solid Edge

SolidCAM’s single-window integration into Solid Edge means all machining operations can be defined, calculated, and verified without leaving the Solid Edge environment, avoiding time wasting file imports.

Additionally, all 2D and 3D geometries used for machining are fully associative to the Solid Edge design models – If you make any changes to your CAD model, all your CAM operations will be automatically updated.