Solid Edge and Teamcenter

Solid Edge and Teamcenter

Get Solid Edge and Teamcenter in a discounted bundle and transform your product development performance

Solid Edge and TeamcenterSolid Edge and Teamcenter bundles combine easy-to-use, professional 3D CAD software with best-in-class product data management (PDM) software to significantly improve your product development process. Get an integrated solution for the design of world class products and the management of all the data needed to design, validate, manufacture and service those products. These new bundles enable you to:

  • Create 3D digital models of your products using Solid Edge and automatically capture your models in a secure database
  • Manage your designs and related product data throughout the product lifecycle, and provide easy access to authorized users
  • Access Teamcenter Rapid Start for a preconfigured PDM solution that includes industry best practices for a fast return on investment

The Teamcenter integration for Solid Edge enables users to complete many tedious data management tasks automatically, for example capturing new Solid Edge parts, assemblies and drawings as they are created and vaulting them in a secure database.

These bundles enable you to add the comprehensive PDM capabilities of Teamcenter to Solid Edge at a significantly discounted cost to purchasing separate software packages.

Get Solid Edge and Teamcenter in a discounted bundle

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