3D Printing: Quick tips for going from CAD design to printed object


3D Printing: Quick tips for going from CAD design to printed object

Whether you would like to use 3D printing for your amusement or your income, whether you’re planning to create finished parts or to make prototypes, and whether you’ve downloaded a model or you’re creating one from scratch… your printing process will start with a design. But not all designs are created equal—and the 3D model that works on the shop floor may not work on the print bed. If you’re used to designing for traditional manufacturing processes, or if you’re just getting started with 3D printing, this eBook can show you some quick tips to get your models ready for prime time.

We’ve compiled over a dozen tips, as well as descriptions of typical 3D printing processes, to get you started.

Download this eBook, “3D Printing: Quick tips for going from CAD design to printed object”, to learn:

  • Design tricks for 3D printing, and how your traditional approach to design and manufacture needs to change for this medium
  • What post-design steps, including model orientation and parameter setting, should happen after your design is complete, to help make sure your print comes out as you intended
  • How to approach infill to help you print an object that won’t warp or break, while using less material (and enabling faster printing)
  • How to ensure that your print securely attaches to the print bed

3D printing is part science and part art. Effective design for 3D printing is a combination of understanding the printing process and adapting to it, and understanding the goals for your object and designing with those goals in mind.

Practicing these design techniques and keeping the purpose of your print project in mind will help you optimize performance, and create the 3D printed objects you were envisioning.

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