Digital Transformation fuels Terrible Herbst Motorsports to first place

Terrible Herbst Motorsports | USA

Digital Transformation fuels Terrible Herbst Motorsports to first place

If you’ve seen a trophy truck racing through the desert, you understand the raw power of these massive machines. Trophy trucks compete in high-speed off-road racing – reaching speeds of over 150 miles per hour. In this premier class, all components are considered legal unless specifically restricted, meaning that trophy trucks both resemble production-type vehicles as well as represent a world of possibility for engineering ingenuity. As Todd Gorsuch, shop manager at Terrible Herbst Fabrication explains, “It’s the state of the art, it’s the top of the line, it’s extreme, and I think that’s what drives a lot of people to it.”

Gorsuch should know – he’s been working in the off-road racing industry since he was a kid. Growing up in the same California neighborhood as a famous off-road racer, he would ride his bike past the family house every day, hoping for a glimpse of the cars. One day, as workers rolled a new truck off a trailer, he gathered the nerve to ask if he could help – and was offered an afterschool job sweeping floors and cleaning parts at the shop.

He eventually joined Herbst, where he’s now been for more than 25 years. Terrible Herbst Motorsports is a family business, and one of the most successful and popular teams in the sport today, having dominated within SCORE and Best in the Desert with numerous race wins and Championships.

Trust, expertise and the right software tools – an unbeatable combination

Using Solid Edge, and working with partner Hall Designs, Gorsuch has seen Terrible Herbst Motorsports trucks get faster, lighter and more aerodynamic—and the racing wins have followed.

“The speeds are getting faster, and the margin between winners is getting smaller. Being able to use digital processes – like stress analysis – I think it’s the future. The trucks are going to get faster, lighter and more reliable, the cost is going to go down and the speed is going to go up.”

Todd Gorsuch, Shop Manager, Terrible Herbst Fabrication

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