The value of 2D nesting

The value of 2D nesting

The process of 2D nesting is the organization of 2D shapes on a single cutting plane with the goal of producing as much product with as little waste as possible. The optimized nesting patterns, created using a modern nesting algorithm, reduce preparation time, waste and costs. In this ebook, we’ll explore how automating your 2D nesting can improve your efficiency, productivity and bottom line.

The value of 2D nesting
The value of 2D nesting

Whether you’re working with leather or sheet metal, producing shoes or building ships, 2D nesting can help you improve quality and save time and money. This efficiency drives the lifeblood of your business and ties directly into your bottom line by allowing you to book more orders, spend less on raw materials, and improve productivity.

In this ebook, you’ll learn about the value of 2D nesting, how it can save you time and money, and the critical capabilities you need to reduce tailings and partial sheets, gain efficiency across multiple machines, and improve manufacturing quality. We’ll also walk through some real-life ROI calculations, so you can quantify the value of 2D nesting for yourself.

In this new eBook, you will learn the benefits of 2D nesting, as well as how to:

  • Reduce time and labor costs
  • Reduce material cost and waste
  • Establish better costing estimates
  • Improve quality and reduce errors

Read this new ebook today and learn how to get ahead with 2D nesting!

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