Reverse engineering made easy with Convergent Modeling

Reverse engineering made easy with Convergent Modeling

Reverse engineering made easy with Convergent Modeling

This webinar will help expand your 3D design capabilities beyond the norm by exploring the benefits of reverse engineering and convergent modeling, which result in faster time to market, and more.

Reverse engineering with Convergent Modeling
Reverse engineering with convergent modeling

Reverse Engineering: From 3D Scanning to CAD

Solid Edge Reverse Engineering provides you with powerful smart functionality and 3D design tools to work with mesh and triangle-based data. Bodies can be imported from other systems, they can be digitally scanned, or even be products of a generative design analysis.

All of these come in as a mesh of triangles (or facets) and in many cases require further design modification.

  • Digitally scan a physical product
  • Use mesh clean-up tools
  • Evolve the design using convergent modeling

Convergent Modeling in Solid Edge

Solid Edge Convergent Modeling allows for traditional b-rep operations on digitally scanned 3D data and models born out of generative design, reducing rework while supporting modern additive manufacturing processes for complex shapes.

Our solutions allow you to perform traditional operations on:

  • Digitally scanned 3D data
  • Models created using generative design
  • Components for additive manufacturing

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