How realistic visualizations can improve product development and give you a competitive edge

How realistic visualizations can improve product development and give you a competitive edge

Making Things Real Design and Product Visualization
Making Things Real Design and Product Visualization.

What impact can realistic imagery have on product development?

Enabled by technology, the ability to experience a 3D model as if it was a physical prototype has a powerful impact on psychological perception—an impact that can be felt in your design and development processes. Join us for a brief, informative on-demand webinar on The Importance of Making Things Real.

Realistic visualizations of parts, products or assemblies can change the product development lifecycle, from guiding design decisions to increasing sales. Photo-quality renderings help customers invest before the finished product is created, in-context placement validates proposed equipment on the factory floor, and augmented reality provides confidence in a product’s look and feel before it ever leaves the manufacturing floor. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how behavior is impacted by visualization of designs, why realistic digital models and environments should be considered critical to your processes, and what technologies can help you “make things real” as an integrated part of product development.

Meet the Speaker:

Ali Nadimi
Application Engineer
Siemens Digital Industries Software

Ali Nadimi is an application engineer at Siemens Digital Industries Software and part of the Global Technical Enablement team. He is responsible for developing technical enablement materials for Solid Edge, an affordable and easy-to-use portfolio of product development tools.

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