Solid Edge 2D Nesting

Optimize cutting patterns, saving time and material costs.

With Solid Edge 2D Nesting, generate optimized layouts for the two-dimensional cutting of fabrication materials, including sheet metal, plastic, wood, fabric and textiles. 2D Nesting saves fabricators time and money by allowing them to manage material use more effectively.

The process of 2D nesting, or the organization of 2D shapes efficiently on a single cutting plane, is much like processes dressmakers have used for decades. The optimized nesting patterns, created using a next-generation nesting algorithm, markedly reduce preparation time, waste and costs.


Powerful nesting, comprehensive control

From start to finish, 2D Nesting makes creating optimized nests quick and easy.

Complete control at your hands

Control all settings needed to meet the demands of any cutting technology or material, easily select part quantities, sheet sizes and part rotation.

Tightly integrated with Solid Edge Mechanical Design

Launch directly from Solid Edge with a single click. Selecting parts to import for nesting is quick and easy.

Work with multiple file formats

2D Nesting supports Solid Edge sheet metal and part files (PSM and PAR), as well as neutral data formats including DXF and DWG, automatically extracting flat pattern data.

Reduce wasted material

Select multiple sheet sizes to create the most efficient nest, eliminating tailings, or partial sheets. These tailings often result in wasted material, as the odd leftover sheets take up valuable shop space and often go unused.

Optimized for CNC Programming

The nests can be sent to Solid Edge CAM Pro or exported to another computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system for computer numerical control (CNC) programming.

Save time, avoid translation

An integrated round trip within the Solid Edge environment saves time and avoids data translation.


Optimize your 2D nests with Solid Edge

Solid Edge 2D Nesting utilizes the most advanced and efficient nesting engine to generate best-in-class layouts optimized for two-dimensional cutting of sheet metal, wood and more. These nested cutting patterns reduce time, waste and costs when creating 2D shapes common in products.

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