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Whether you’re an engineer solving problems off the clock, or a maker looking to expand your skill set, Solid Edge can help you turn your idea into a reality. Solid Edge is easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and offers intuitive flexible modeling that makes it simple to change your design as you experiment and prototype. With a series of free tools to meet your needs, Solid Edge takes your DIY to the next level.

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I’m inspired by…what I have around me, I’m inspired by stuff I need, by problems that I need solved.

Evan Alan, i3Detroit Makerspace


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Keep making, with a range of tools for 2D and 3D design, design for 3D printing and manufacturing and cloud-based project collaboration.

Free 2D drafting puts your thoughts on the page

From designing floor plans to sketching ideas for the shop floor, Solid Edge 2D Drafting offers simple drawing layout, diagramming, annotation, and dimensioning. When you’re finished, you can save your file as either a Solid Edge or .DWG format, allowing you the flexibility to collaborate with customers, peers, and partners.

Free software to bring your ideas to life

The Solid Edge Community Edition is available to the engineering community, including makers and hobbyists practicing their craft for personal satisfaction, not monetary gain. Create 3D models for printing and prototyping. The license never expires.

Free project based collaboration with the Solid Edge portal

Take advantage of free, cloud-based file management to organize your projects. Upload and manage your files in cloud-based project folders, with free access to 5GB of file storage. Upload multiple projects for your makerspace or share designs with project collaborators.

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Ready to take your idea to the market?

Qualifying startups are eligible for a free annual subscription to Solid Edge Premium—a comprehensive product development solution to help make your ideas a reality.

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Makers learn how easy CAD can be: Solid Edge at the i3Detroit Maker Space

Makers come together at i3 Detroit to make a single piston engine model. Using Solid Edge software, makers got a chance to learn a new design tool and make something really cool, using i3 Detroit’s laser cutters. Makers enjoyed challenging themselves to create a unique design and got a bonus to take home their working single piston engine model.

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