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Zumex optimize new product development


Case Study

Concurrent engineering helps build a better juicer

Juicing up new product development

Zumex markets products in more than 80 countries, placing its goods in large retail chains such as Starbucks and in corporate cafeterias such as those for Apple and Facebook. With more than 25 years of experience in fruit and vegetable processing and manufacturing juicers, the company is headquartered in Valencia, Spain.

Solid Edge® software from product lifecycle management provider Siemens Digital Industries Software enables Zumex to make smarter decisions that lead to better products; in this case commercial and consumer juicemaking machines, or juicers. “We aim our products at premium customers, so it is important for us to maintain a high level of quality in all our marketing, design and production processes,” says Eloy Herrero, manager of marketing at Zumex. “Our goal is to offer the best products to the most demanding customers.”

The company has exceptional market presence. Herrero notes, “Zumex has 50 percent of the worldwide juicer market.” He points out that the creative foundation of the company is the workforce at the company’s headquarters, where new products are developed from an immersive focus on the end-user.

According to Antoni Flotats, director of innovation and development, this product development focus is essential to the success of Zumex: “At the start of every project, we work separately on three main concepts: context of use, technical requirements and functional requirements. Then, we work together to integrate these concepts during the technical and aesthetic design phases.”

Flotats believes using the latest information technologies is essential to the creation of innovative products. He explains, “Advanced design tools allow us to develop products concurrently with other departments, to enable us get as close as possible to meeting the specific needs of our customers.”