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Smap3D Plant Design – CAD Partner

Smap3D Plant Design – CAD Partner

Intelligent 2D/3D plant and piping design with Smap3D Plant Design.


Smap3D Plant Design

Smap3D Plant Design provides three components in a single software solution for an integrated process chain: Smap3D P&ID, Smap3D Piping and Smap3D Isometrics. Depending on the individual requirements, the programs specialized for each process step can be flexibly adapted. Smap3D Plant Design transfers previously generated information and data via automatic connections between the individual programs. A separate export or import is not necessary. At the same time, Smap3D Plant Design enables centralized and unique – as well as company and project-specific – definition of pipe classes. With pipe classes, the conformity of components such as valves or fittings is defined to pipe characteristics such as diameter or medium.

  • Smap3D P&ID: 2D flowcharts – the first link in the process chain – are among the most important documents in plant design. Our integrated P&ID To Do List-function provides an additional connection between flowcharts and the 3D model.
  • Smap3D Piping: The second link in the process chain is 3D piping design, which becomes highly automated with the Smap3D Piping add‐in. The automation is based on pipe classes (specifications) which make it possible to create a highly powerful 3D plant design solution from Solid Edge.
  • Smap3D Isometric: The isometric drawing is the third link in the process chain. The piping isometric is a technical drawing in the form of an isometric representation for the production of piping systems. The basic software is ISOGEN® from the market leader Alias.

Smap3D PDM

PDM solutions enable simple and clear management of product data and the integration of processes, organizations, and software applications over the entire product life cycle. Compared to traditional PDM solutions, the Smap3D PDM solution is also oriented to the requirements of your day-to-day work with CAD data. With the increase of product data from CAD models, the complexity of data associated with a product has greatly increased. At the same time, corrections to the design must be continuously applied and the resulting change of product data must be incorporated. Therefore Smap3D PDM is an integrated PDM solution in terms of continuous data flow integrated with CAD systems.

The depth of integration of PDM Smap3D in Solid Edge is unique in the Solid Edge Voyager program. This is because a special Solid Edge plug-in was developed for Smap3D PDM. It is so deeply integrated into Solid Edge that the user receives active support in many situations, thus saving time and avoiding errors.

Example: With just few clicks of the mouse and independently of assemblies, Smap3D PDM users can create a new variant – including the related 2D drawings – from an approved assembly.

The integration of Smap3D PDM and Solid Edge enables efficient management of Solid Edge and design data. At the same time, our development team ensures that the most current Smap3D PDM plug-in for Solid Edge is available in a timely manner after the release of a new Solid Edge version.