Using Solid Edge, UTTIS has reduced design errors by 27%

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Using Solid Edge, UTTIS has reduced design errors by 27%


Case Study

Romanian industrial equipment supplier heats up design re-use and productivity, decreasing time-to-market from 8 to 5 months


Using Solid Edge, UTTIS has reduced design errors by 27 percent

Heated market

UTTIS is Romania’s leading industrial heating equipment manufacturer, providing turnkey systems for heat and thermochemical metal treatment used in the production of automotive parts, fasteners, industrial machines and metallurgical equipment. Engineering and manufacturing processes and numerical control (NC) programming are performed in-house.

UTTIS customers include Ina Schaffer, SKF, Timken, Bodycote, Voestalpine and Schneeberger. The partnership between UTTIS’ specialists and the research community has led to creation of the Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering Association (ATTIS), an organization that helps develop and promote new heat treatment technologies.

In the past, design information at UTTIS was often re-used in the development of new products, while documents were generated from past designs such as bills of materials (BOM’s) and manufacturing or assembly drawings were used in manufacturing or inventory management. However, re-using information from previous projects often led to an unacceptable number of errors.

The need to replace the company’s former design software solution with a more permanent solution arose from cost reduction considerations. At the same time, there was a new focus on reducing errors throughout the design process, from document management through production.

In addition, there was the need to meet quality standards and to work more closely with foreign partners. This resulted in the need for a powerful 3D design software solution to help manage design documents, make design data available to all authorized users and enable collaboration between ATTIS and UTTIS.