Mecmesin: Ideal Testing Solutions

Mecmesin: Ideal Testing Solutions

Mecmesin | 工业机械与重型装备行业 | United Kingdom

Mecmesin is a global design and manufacturing company with over 40 years’ experience in providing force, torque and materials testing solutions for quality control. Mecmesin is a part of the Physical Properties Testing (PPT) Group, a multi-national global leader in product and material integrity testing equipment. With headquarters in the UK, Mecmesin is a global organization with over 130 employees around the world.

Everything runs under strict ISO 9001 quality standards at Mecmesin. From the production line to the QA and R&D laboratories, customers rely on Mecmesin products to ensure the quality of components, materials and finished products for a variety of test applications in many industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, construction, cosmetics & personal care, electrical & electronics, food & drink, medical devices, packaging, pharmaceuticals, plastics & rubber, sports equipment and textiles.

All mechanical, electronic and software design for new product development at Mecmesin is done in-house. Since 1999 they have been using Solid Edge to provide both standard and bespoke product designs for their customers and to receive feedback for any design changes. Mecmesin’s most recent product release is the OmniTest UTM, aimed specifically for the materials testing market. “These universal testing machines were designed using Solid Edge, which helped the integration of the electronic design, reduction of the physical prototyping and enabled simulated testing scenarios”, according to Brian Howes, Lead Mechanical Design Engineer at Mecmesin.

Extended product portfolio by using Generative Design & AR

By using Generative Design capabilities in Solid Edge, Mecmesin created new components for their existing products, changing their portfolio from heavy-industrial machines to lightweight, ergonomic designs; while enabling cost savings up to 300%. Furthermore, using the new Augmented Reality tool in Solid Edge, they provide visualization of the products for Mecmesin customers in a physical environment.

Mecmesin also offers their customers a comprehensive technical support and after-sales service via a global network of exclusive distributors in over 50 countries. Mecmesin Technical Director Patrick Collins states that “in the coming years, we want to be one of the world’s leading materials testing companies, while retaining our fantastic reputation in the QA application space and Solid Edge will remain a vital part of our journey”

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