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PEPS CAD/CAM System – Camtek

PEPS CAD/CAM System – Camtek

Camtek GmbH was founded in 1993 as the only distributor of the CAD/CAM-system PEPS. From the start Camtek did not only distribute the system but also develop many modules, additional functions, special adaptations and intelligent post processors. End of 2009 Camtek GmbH received the rights to develop the CAD/CAM-system PEPS independent and self contained further on.

Further on the first complete self-development was presented in 2009. The CAD/CAM-system OPTICAM is a fully integrated solution for the programming of wire EDM machines. In close co-operation with leading CNC-machine tool and CNC-control manufacturers high-end postprocessors are developed and both systems are continuously improved.

Together with regional sales partners and a creative team of 40 employees Camtek offers his customers system consulting, system development, system adaption, trainings, support, network- and DNC-installation, as well as customer specific special solutions.

Camtek’s customers include companies of every size, from small ones to world famous concerns such as Robert Bosch, Daimler, BMW, Schuler, Siemens, Hirschmann, Herrenknecht, Hella, Chopard, Victorinox, Braun, Carl Zeiss, Swarovski, SKF, INA, Lamy and Mont Blanc.


With more than 40.000 installations and 25 years experience of the world market,PEPS is one of the worlds leading CAD/CAM-systems. CAD-data can be imported into PEPS from all CAD-systems in a number of different formats. PEPS will use CAD-data and by intelligent postprocessors, put out error free NC-Code, including machine NC-control canned cycles.

PEPS offers feature-based machining modules which allow the programming of the most complex parts within a very short time scale. Because of its wide variety of application areas PEPS covers all current machining methods: PEPS CAD, PEPS MILLING, 3D WIRE CUTTING, 2-50 AXES TURNING, PEPS SHEET METAL MACHINING

Our immense experience in this field has flown into our new integrated solution the CAD/CAM-system OPTICAM.

The programming is based directly on the designed or imported 3D model. Because of the automatic Feature-Recognition and the assignment of integrated machining technologies and strategies OPTICAM offers a very high automation level and reduces the programming time significantly.


PEPS is a stand-alone solution for the programming of CNC machines. The user can import any CAD file via a direct interface. Thereby Solid Edge users can import their designed Solid Edge parts directly into PEPS to create the machining for them. Using this direct interface the user gets all his information and features about his model.