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Empowering Educators to Teach Engineering

What if you could access the tools and skills you need to deliver an exciting engineering curriculum — all in one place? Register today to join our early access program and be one of the first to preview an exciting new solution for secondary school engineering educators.

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For Educators

Easy access for everyone

Envision an online engineering learning environment that is easy to use, easy to access, and can be run from any machine, including a Chromebook.

Full, real-world curriculum

Project and Problem-based learning challenges students to solve real-world design problems using professional engineering software. Pre-recorded presentations by industry experts allow you to spend more time engaging and guiding your students.

Comprehensive resources

Hands-on activities are designed to engage a diverse group of students – students of all levels use their imagination to design and build what excites them.

“There is nothing I believe more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all humankind.”
Bill Nye, science educator, mechanical engineer

Career exploration

Fill every seat in your engineering classroom with workshops that expose students to engineering and technical subjects. Show them what engineers do, and how they impact the world.

Teacher training and community

Get started quickly with comprehensive training, plus get regular update training and teacher certification, all while achieving continuing education credits. Connect with engineering teachers in your area or around the world. Share ideas and resources to improve your program and to help others improve their programs.

Easy-to-use software

Get access to software with integrated lesson plans and projects that intelligently provide in-app guidance to each student based on their demonstrated ability. It’s like having an on-demand tutor for each student so that you don’t need to be the software expert.

Industry-recognized certifications and digital badges

Increase student’s employability with industry-recognized credentials on industry-standard software.

Student competitions

Your classes can hone learner skills, alongside students around the world, through online design challenges.

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