Six reasons to switch to Solid Edge

Six reasons to switch to Solid Edge

What if you could spend less time waiting for your assemblies to load? What if you could create design documentation more quickly, without any corrections? What if you never had to recreate a 3D model to match data from a 3D scanner again? Let your design tool help you – not hinder you.

Reasons to Switch to Solid Edge
Reasons to Switch to Solid Edge

To help understand the challenges of modern product design, we partnered with Lifecycle Insights to conduct a research study. The resulting Design Challenges Study includes data from engineers and designers from around the globe and measures the impact of the issues they are facing.

This paper highlights six reasons to address these challenges with a switch from your current solution to Solid Edge. In each section, we quantify the impact of the frustrations felt by modern engineers and detail how you can mitigate these challenges by taking advantage of the capabilities and features of Solid Edge.

Read the report today to learn how switching to Solid Edge software can reduce frustration, save time and minimize development costs.

Want to try it for yourself?

Experience the reasons to switch for yourself with a trial of Solid Edge. Take your product development to the next level with affordable, easy-to-use software tools that address all aspects of the product development process. Find out how Solid Edge drives unparalleled design productivity and engineering creativity, utilizing synchronous technology to deliver the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with the control of parametric design.

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Lifecycle Insights’ mission is to help executives realize value from tech-led initiatives without disruption. They digitally publish research and thought leadership guidance, enabling better investment and deployment decisions. Learn more about Lifecycle Insights at

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