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SAP PLM Interface for Solid Edge – Cideon

SAP PLM Interface for Solid Edge – Cideon

CIDEON is a global software and solution provider specialized in engineering processes for SAP customers, which is based on over 25 years of experience within the PDM/PLM market. CIDEON provides advice and support to businesses on implementing innovation and optimizing engineering processes to raise performance, customer benefits and business value. We focus on the various sections within design as well as the administration and maintenance of product data through to the integration in inventory control systems.

Besides the standard CAD integrations, CIDEON also develops & supports optimization tools for SAP PLM which enables process optimization across the enterprise. This supports organizations to use this software in order to save money and work more efficiently as well as in a staff-friendly manner.

CIDEON is one of two Autodesk Platinum Partners in the German speaking region and a development partner of SAP SE. As part of the Friedhelm Loh Group, CIDEON employs around 300 personnel at 16 locations in Europe and USA. CIDEON America, Inc. is a subsidiary of CIDEON and the exclusive delivery channel for CIDEON Software products in North America. With its claim “efficient engineering”, CIDEON provides expertise in mechanics and mechatronics as well as in ERP/PLM integration and engineering.


With SAP Engineering Control Center interface to Solid Edge, assemblies, parts, drawings, and dependent documents are seamlessly managed as structures in SAP PLM. All authorized users have access to originals stored in a central, secure area to monitor the development process or make changes. This eliminates redundant process steps.
Your benefits:

  • Easy-to-use navigation with Windows Explorer®-like handling in flexible folder structures enables a comprehensive overview of required SAP information. Operations can be executed directly from Solid Edge – the engineer’s familiar working environment.
  • SAP ECTR promotes daily work through automation routines and checks as well as intelligent menu structures and onboard user help. Engineers access standard and customer specific transactions as easily as they can save and retrieve Solid Edge data and relations.
  • CAD files can be converted to lightweight visualization data that can be moved and read without native CAD software. The integrated SAP 3D Visual Enterprise® enables visual communication across all lines of business, from design and manufacturing to sales and service. This increases business speed, higher productivity, product, and quality.

CIDEON exclusively develops the SAP ECTR interface to Solid Edge based on the new SAP technology as one of the 5 worldwide SAP CAD integration development partners.


The availability of highly efficient integrations of CAD is a critical feature of ERP/PLM systems.

SAP Engineering Control Center interface to Solid Edge increases the efficiency in your engineering by offering intelligent process support due to easy and controlled access to product data that accumulate during the design processes with Solid Edge, CAM, simulation, and other authoring tools.

There is no need for a separate Product Data Management (PDM) solution since the functionality of the SAP system fulfills this need. Solid Edge users work in their usual environment and directly load related original files via the integrated ribbon menu for processing or display. Bidirectional metadata exchange between Solid Edge and SAP avoids unnecessary manual data entry. A crucial benefit is the simple assignment of SAP Material Masters to Solid Edge assembly structures as well as the automatic derivation of multi-level SAP Bills of Materials. This guarantees consistent data structures and engineers gain more time for the real design process.