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Accelerate the design of robotics devices and systems with fast, flexible robotics design software capabilities in Solid Edge.

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Three trends influencing robotics development

Key industry trends, including the rise of smart factory initiatives, automation, and shifting robot architecture, are driving engineers to leverage new techniques and technologies in the design and development of robots and robotic systems.

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Responding to the increasing demand for robotic devices and systems

In the industrial, commercial, and consumer sectors, demand for robotic devices and systems is growing around the globe, with manufacturers facing several challenges. They need flexible automation and intelligent machines, seamless electromechanical integration during the design process, the ability to react quickly to changing market demand, and even the ability to provide personalized products.

Many businesses are reacting to these external pressures by investing in a digital transformation, which can have a big impact on product development processes, especially in improving collaboration between engineering and manufacturing, responding faster to customer demands, and bringing new products to market faster. The Solid Edge® software portfolio from Siemens Digital Industries Software enables small and medium-sized manufacturing firms to rapidly digitalize their product designs and development processes.


The Solid Edge Advantage

Using Solid Edge improves product development performance in these key areas:

Visualize new robot designs for sales and marketing. Stand out from the crowd with superior, and customizable, marketing materials that clearly demonstrate new innovations using photorealistic 3D rendering. Validate designs in real-world settings using augmented reality.

Manage customer and regulatory requirements. Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering robots that meet customer requirements and comply with regulations. Capture and track industry compliance and make requirements easily accessible with Solid Edge Requirements Management.

Accelerate 3D mechanical design. Enable faster and more efficient design using industry-unique synchronous technology. Streamline and simplify the process of finding 3D models with integrated cloud-based catalog options.

Design electrical circuits and wire harnesses. Manage the increasing number of electrical components and the complexity of electrical systems. Optimize the performance of wiring circuitry and improve manufacturing efficiency with Solid Edge Electrical Design.

Integrate electrical components into mechanical design. Minimize the need to create physical prototypes by handling issues earlier in the design process. Solid Edge Electrical Design products enable semi-automatic routing of wiring around complex 3D models and integration of designs into electromechanical assemblies.

Optimize kinematic and dynamic behavior. Simulate all aspects of motion characteristics to understand the true dynamic function of a design. Solid Edge Simulation provides an integrated analysis of kinematics and dynamics of Solid Edge assemblies.

Analyze stress, vibration, and cooling. Use harmonic response analysis to ensure designs successfully overcome resonance. The digital analysis provided by Solid Edge Simulation can resolve problems prior to manufacturing, minimizing the need for physical prototypes. Simcenter Femap for Solid Edge provides high-performance analysis.

Design robot work cells and motion paths. Visualize and validate how a complete manufacturing work cell will function. Solid Edge creates exact representations of all components in a system, providing a complete digital mockup that allows for more accurate assembly modeling and management.

Manufacture accurately and efficiently. Create machining toolpaths based on digital models to ensure accurate and efficient manufacturing processes using Solid Edge CAM Pro. Create products using the latest additive manufacturing and 3D printing techniques, minimizing the need to maintain a large inventory of space parts.

Manage project and engineering changes. Optimize resources, identify critical path activities, and manage changes efficiently. Integrated data management tools built into Solid Edge include preconfigured workflow capabilities that enable accessibility and tracking of design projects and engineering change information.

Collaborate with suppliers and customers. Reduce errors and speed the product development process with fast and controlled communication of design intent between suppliers and customers. Use cloud-based collaboration to protect intellectual property. Use augmented reality to showcase designs.

Commission, install, and service. Create interactive 3D work instructions that clearly communicate the correct manufacturing, installation, and maintenance procedures for your designs. Solid Edge Technical Publications solutions easily incorporate design changes, ensuring that published documents reflect the current design.

With 3D CAD, simulation, electrical design, manufacturing, and data management capabilities, Solid Edge provides an integrated portfolio of affordable and easy-to-use robotics design software solutions to help you rise to new challenges.

Customer Highlight | Ross Robotics

Designing nature-inspired components for a modular robotics platform

Phillip Norman with Ross Robotics experienced quite a few “Eureka” moments while using Solid Edge to create reconfigurable assemblies. He moved from designing a construction toy to realizing a complete customizable robotic platform that can be delivered off the shelf – the Robosynthesis® Modular Platform.

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