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graphIT Ltd.

Edge Layout – 3D factory layout design for Solid Edge

The solutions for factory and line design enable 2D/3D plans for precise layout conversion and improvement decisions.


Edge Layout provides a solution to partners who find challenges in optimizing the layout of their new or existing factories, simulating their operation, or discovering their expansion options and potential obstacles. It is hard to design these concepts in 2D in a way that all aspects of it are clear and no incompatibilities occur. Such errors could be very costly if discovered while already in the deployment process.

Solid Edge – Edge Layout offers solutions in a 3D CAD environment, from the first concept to the optimization of complex production units. You can plan your existing or future plant faster and more accurately, while saving a lot of manual design work, which results in a quick return of investment.

Highlights of Edge Layout

Create Process Simulations – Layouts created in Edge Layout can be used in digital manufacturing products without geometric problems. That way a manufacturing process simulation can be created in Plant Simulation or robot cell and ergonomics can be modeled in Process Simulate.

Set-up Your Plant with Edge Layout’s Library – With the rich item library, the time it takes to create the layout variations can be reduced by 80%. The item library contains hall structures, machine tools, conveyor lines, storage systems, and many other frequently used items. These are all pre-parameterized elements, so you can customize their length, width, height, or many other properties from a user-friendly interface directly integrated into Solid Edge.

Conveyor Line Design Made Easy – Manually modelling and assembling complex conveyor lines can be a very time-consuming workflow. Using Edge Layout, the conveyors are automatically positioned, constrained, and parameterized, and their direction of travel is given too.

Bring Your Virtual Factory to Life – There are a myriad of tools available in Solid Edge to simulate your plant’s operation and verify the layout’s compliance in terms of usability and safety. Be it motion simulations, collision detections, or “what if” comparisons, you can switch between different layout variations at the touch of a button.

View and Check it on Your Phone – With the Mobile Viewer, you can view your digital factory designs on site, add tags and comments, or even create exploded views on your smartphone or tablet. The Mobile Viewer is free, so you can also forward your designs to your teammates without Solid Edge.

There is so much more to Edge Layout. If you want more information, visit us on the web at or contact us directly.