Design for Cost in Solid Edge 2019


Design for Cost in Solid Edge 2019

Solid Edge 2019 is built to accelerate your sheet metal design process. The latest release of Solid Edge allows you to analyze the geometry of a sheet metal part in Solid Edge, and accurately estimate the cost to manufacture it.

Our new Design for Cost docking pane allows Solid Edge users to analyze a sheet metal part and determine the manufacturing operations required to create it. Valuable statistics such as the number of bends, cuts, and stamps display in the docking pane. All the user has to do is enter the approximate cost per manufacturing operation, and the total is calculated automatically.

If modifications are required, the user can easily modify the geometry of the part to get an updated cost estimate. That data can then be easily printed as a report or exported in another format.

As your products go from design to final shipment, you can realize your manufacturing cost savings early in the product development cycle using Design for Cost in Solid Edge 2019.

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