Quick response to late-stage design changes


Quick response to late-stage design changes

The term “unexpected design change” is a bit of a misnomer. That’s because more often than not, change is the only constant in product development. The time it takes to respond to a not-so-surprising change request inevitably involves additional time spent backtracking through your model, doing rework, and sometimes starting over altogether. Editing a single part in an assembly can wreak havoc on the relationships created between parts.

Even small changes can take hours, if you have to open and edit individual parts in a traditional CAD model. If you’re running a small business, those extra hours can also mean less time for new projects or customers.

When a late-stage design change stands between you and a deadline, Solid Edge synchronous technology means that it is easy to make requested changes, even to history-based 3D CAD models. By simply updating reference dimensions, or pushing and pulling on geometry, you can quickly make changes to any model, without worrying about feature failures, rebuild issues or rework.

This video demonstrates the power of our synchronous technology when it comes to making late stage changes. And that’s only the beginning of what synchronous technology in Solid Edge can do for you. Take a look at some of the other ways it can make your life a lot easier, and less stressful.

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