Impress Your Customers with the Power of 3D Design


Impress Your Customers with the Power of 3D Design

In this video, you’ll see what the powerful 3D capabilities including in Solid Edge can do to accelerate your design process, drive innovation, and ultimately change the way you develop products and go-to-market altogether.

Leverage the power of next generation design

Solid Edge for 3D Design allows you to impress your customers with detailed drawings and polished end results. Capabilities like photo-realistic rendering in Solid Edge allow you to experiment with all sorts of visual characteristics to see what your product will look like in the real-world. Being able to do all of this work virtually eliminates the need to produce prototypes early in the design phase. In some cases, you won’t need a prototype at all.

Other constraints and performance factors can also be tested in Solid Edge. Material and weight can both be visualized with ease, and you can test for other environmental factors such as stress, force, weather, and more, for products of virtually any kind.

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