PCB Design Collaboration in Solid Edge


PCB Design Collaboration in Solid Edge

Solid Edge PCB Design software tools automate the design of printed circuit boards in a way that even those new to PCB design my now successfully design the electronics needed for their products.

Accelerate design development

Our solution provides a schematic capture application that gets you up and running quickly, with a clean and easy-to-use user interface. You can define electronic illogical connectivity, place parts, connect them, and edit the full schematic to define aspects at a more granular level. You can create schematic blocks to make replicating circuits for multi-channel designs easy.

Collaboration in Solid Edge is made easy, allowing the user to send design aspects to design for initial placement, as we demonstrate in the video. PCB placement can be carried out in 2D or 3D views simultaneously.

Our solution provides phone traceable transfer of all information into the Solid Edge ECAD or MCAD environments. Schematic capture and PCB layout tools provide sketch routing, hierarchical 2D/3D planning and placement, and ECAD-MCAD collaboration.

  • Accelerate development with bi-directional communication of incremental design changes and automated review and approval processes between the electronics and mechanical domain.
  • Visualize issues within a 3D PCB environment to perform domain checking, and identify potential interference violations in real time.
  • Quickly capture and lay out printed circuit boards, then verify and update designs between schematic and layout.
  • Take advantage of automated placement planning and management, auto-assisted interactive sketch routing, constraint-driven routing, tuning of high-speed nets and more.
  • Access libraries and parts repositories, with an easy connection to component databases for fast part searches and model downloads.

Our solution for PCB design and collaboration will have you designing electronics in no time. Watch the video to learn more about the power of our new solution included in the Solid Edge 2020 release.

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