Embracing MBD: Model-Based Definition Design

Embracing MBD: Model-Based Definition Design

How can replacing paper-based drawings with a model-based definition (MBD) approach help you improve time-to-market, optimize efficiencies and increase product quality?

Model-based definition in Solid Edge
Model-based definition in Solid Edge

An MBD provides engineers with a clear understanding and method for communicating throughout the design and development process, reducing the number of costly amendments across the project lifecycle and allowing engineers to complete their jobs efficiently. This eBook reviews how to transition your documentation processes to embrace a model-based definition.

Documentation in the product design and development process defines the specifications to which components and assemblies must adhere. It provides manufacturers with the information required to plan, build and optimize the world’s next-generation products. In the past, organizations relied on 2D, paper-based documentation to communicate information to manufacturers, even though many of these organizations have been producing 3D designs in their engineering departments for years. Companies are shifting their focus, replacing paper-based drawings to embrace annotated 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models. These models help organizations shorten time-to-market, increase efficiency and improve product quality. As a result, companies are leaving 2D paper-based drawings behind and transitioning their documentation processes to use an MBD.

MBD provides a single source of truth: the 3D model. Annotated 3D CAD models convey information, including the geometric details, annotations, bill-of-materials (BOM), surface information, metadata and other digital data. This included data helps engineers understand and communicate critical information through the product development process, increasing clarity, removing redundancy and improving collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers.

What’s inside?

Download the Embracing Model-Based Definition Design eBook to learn more about the key market trends accelerating the demand for MBDs. In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • Key market trends accelerating the demand for MBDs
  • Must-have capabilities to unlock the full range of benefits of using 3D models
  • High-level processes for authoring, sharing and viewing an MBD
  • Automation possibilities with an MBD to avoid data re-entry and human error
  • How Solid Edge Model-Based Definition enables paperless 3D engineering communications

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