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Hydrauvision uses simulation to deal with pressure during design

Hydrauvision’s products are put through the toughest of tests, as they are used in rugged environments and must withstand substantial operational and environmental stress. And because they’re used in offshore applications, the products must pass strict regulatory compliance guidelines before they can be shipped. Hydrauvision’s customers expect high quality, dependability and reliability—but they also expect […]

The Hero Lab brings an artistic approach to sheet metal

Matt Barton has always been a mechanical mind—from taking apart an heirloom cuckcoo clock at four years old to heading research and development and new product development for what was the largest jeep aftermarket suspension company in the country, he’s always had an interest in figuring out what makes things work. Most recently, Barton moved […]

Hutton Technologies: A simple idea leads to a water pump with the power to change the world

Hutton Technologies Using Solid Edge enables farmers in the developing world to exchange five hours of carrying buckets for one hour of pumping A simple product, a huge impact David Hutton, managing director of Hutton Technologies Ltd, was only 3 years-old when he designed and built a system for transporting domestic garbage downstairs on waste […]

Kraftblock - storage-based energy system

Siemens is supporting innovative start-ups with a free annual subscription to Solid Edge, a complete hybrid 2D/3D CAD system. One such start-up is Kraftblock. The fledgling enterprise, started by founders Dr. Martin Schichtel and Susanne König, is dedicated to the development of modern energy storage technology. As the usage of renewable energy continues to grow, […]
Terrible Herbst Motorsports

Digital Transformation fuels Terrible Herbst Motorsports to first place

If you’ve seen a trophy truck racing through the desert, you understand the raw power of these massive machines. Trophy trucks compete in high-speed off-road racing – reaching speeds of over 150 miles per hour. In this premier class, all components are considered legal unless specifically restricted, meaning that trophy trucks both resemble production-type vehicles […]
Summits Hygronics uses Solid Edge to deliver better products faster, virtually eliminating re-work

Use of 3D enables acute visualization and smarter decision making, resulting in a significant increase in new business

Specialist manufacturer possesses advanced capabilities Summits Hygronics Private Limited (Summits Hygronics) offers a complete range of products and solutions for compressed air purification, gas generation and purification, and industrial cooling systems. Certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as 9001-2008 compliant, the company caters to many public and private sector industries in India, Europe, […]
Grossmann uses Solid Edge and Insight to design innovative new luxury watches

Technology helps revive a classic name in timekeeping

Solid Edge helps revive a classic name in watchmaking After a watchmaking apprenticeship in Munich, Christine Hutter held various jobs with renowned watchmakers and jewelers in Switzerland as well as in Munich and Glashuette, Germany. Hutter wanted to establish her own watchmaking company in the city of Glashuette, the birthplace of German watchmaking. “My first […]
Advanced 3D modeling and sheet metal design help Taiwan Fylin develop and manufacture high-quality air cargo containers

Optimizing design and production with Solid Edge

More than three decades of experience in the aviation industry Taiwan Fylin Industrial Co. Ltd. (TFI) was founded in the 1970s and started designing and manufacturing machinery enclosure hoods, primarily used for manufacturing switchboards and telecom wiring boxes. Responding to its government’s policy to promote the aviation industry, TFI participated in programs of the Industry […]