Accelerated consumer product development to speed your time to market

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Accelerated consumer product development to speed your time to market

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Ricardo Espinosa from Kimball Hospitality on the shop floor

Managing product innovation for consumer products

How do you accelerate consumer product development time to market to meet the external business pressures of today’s manufacturing environment? With products incorporating electromechanical components and smart, connected features, product development is increasingly complex, but with reduced budgets, shortened timeframes, and fewer resources. Learn innovative approaches real companies are taking to meet market demand for lower-cost products, respond to increased pressure to meet delivery deadlines and to gain a competitive edge through more feature-rich products.

Consumer durables industry trends are paving the way for accelerated consumer product development

Consumer durables manufacturers need to be able to rapidly introduce new products to meet customer demands for the latest in aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and reliable consumer products. As a manufacturer, you also need to easily create both physical and virtual prototypes to help validate your new designs and to perform testing to ensure that your products comply with industry and government regulations.

Trends towards digital transformation of product design and development are providing an opportunity for consumer durables manufacturers to improve their product development process and optimize the performance of the final product. Using digital 3D models during design enables a streamlined product development process and faster time to market for new products. In fact, 3D digital models, or “digital twins,” can reduce development time by 50 percent, while helping to manage development complexity.

Learn how to improve consumer product design in this webinar

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The impact of key trends on consumer product development
  • Why digital transformation is a must for consumer durables
  • How a real company is addressing these challenges
  • How you can put these learnings into practice

Watch this webinar to gain more detail on these examples of consumer product development

This webinar explores the following examples of consumer product development:

  • Digitalize your entire product development process and transform your business with 3D digital models. Add intelligence to 3D models throughout the product development lifecycle to improve new product development and time-to-market.
  • Improving productivity with next-generation design, and use assembly modeling to manage large assemblies, up to 100,000 parts.
  • Speeding of mechanical design with 3D CAD using a history-free approach and synchronous technology. Design complex parts and assemblies quickly and flexibly. Work directly with design geometry and make changes instantly.
  • Integration of electromechanical design efforts. Create fully functional and manufacturable designs using industry-proven wiring and harness design capabilities.

Meet our experts who discuss why it’s crucial to manage product innovation for consumers

David Chadwick
Business Development Manager, Solid Edge
Siemens Digital Industries Software

Ricardo Espinosa
Director of Design and Engineering Services
Kimball Hospitality

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