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Get 50% off Solid Edge Technical Publications Solutions – for a limited time

Easily create attractive illustrations and interactive technical documents

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Clearly communicate the correct manufacturing, installation and maintenance procedures for your designs. Solid Edge technical publications solutions can help you create clear, accurate technical documentation: from simple illustrations to interactive 3D publications. Solid Edge Illustrations provides an efficient workflow to create custom parts lists and animated instructions. Solid Edge 3D Publishing, which also includes Solid Edge Illustrations, allows you to combine 3D illustrations and page design to create multi-page documents.

Solid Edge solutions for technical publications automatically pull features from CAD information so you don’t have to manually recreate data. Link parts or product design data with technical publication information in real time. When a change is made to the design, that change is automatically reflected in the associated technical documentation.

Build out fully detailed illustrations from Solid Edge parts, assemblies and other models. Automatically pull features from the CAD information, without having to convert files.

Use a storyboard wizard to automatically create step-by-step processes from exploded views. The wizard sets up viewpoints, hides and selects appropriate information based on the exploded step or parts lists. Use with smart templates in a two-step process to quickly insert multiple pages into a document. Smart templates also allow users to create multi-page documents based on illustrations, parts lists or configurations.

Solid Edge technical publications give companies and customers another edge – you can build out and offer interactive, visual web content and documents that users can easily manipulate and interrogate. Companies are no longer limited to delivering static documents like the user manuals of old. Combine 3D illustrations and page design to create multi-page documents. Documents can maintain 3D interactivity when published in a PDF or to HTML. Interactive 3D documents are easy to navigate using common clickable buttons, tables and a thumbnail carousel. Alternatively, documents can be printed or published as static PDFs with embedded images or vector graphics of 3D content.

Reach a larger, global market using XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) language translation to easily translate and localize digital documents. Available as an add-on, the Solid Edge XLIFF Language Translation module provides import/export functionally for language translation for both Solid Edge 3D Publishing and Solid Edge Illustrations.

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And for a limited time, get 50% off! Hurry – offer expires soon.

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