Data Management in Solid Edge

Data Management in Solid Edge

Facilitate data-driven decision making at scale

Solid Edge’s best-in-class integration with Teamcenter allows users to seamlessly and accurately search for files based on name, ID, description, custom attributes, and even shape. Reusing design data is made more flexible than ever, and can be performed using various tools.

A simple way to find a best-suited part in Solid Edge is by running Shape Search. Results are listed with previews in the embedded active workspace pane. If a newer version or revision is available, designers are assisted with notifications on the pathfinder, enabling them to quickly replace and update to the latest working design, reducing rework and errors. Shape Search results can be directly reused in the assembly, improving the overall productivity and efficiency of designers.

Adopting a model-based design approach in manufacturing is supported by product manufacturing information. As shown in the video, critical PMI dimensions for manufacturing and assembly purposes are directly transferred from Solid Edge to the Shop Floor Viewer.

Supplier collaboration is also made quick and easy. You can directly export required outputs like Step, Parasolid, or DXF, and files can later be extracted to a local destination to share with suppliers.

Solid Edge Data Management provides powerful capabilities to facilitate better decision making. Functions like Where Used allow designers to evaluate the widespread impact of a design change. Built-in workflows allow files to be reviewed and released.

Our solution ensures the highest caliber data integrity at scale, irrespective of the size of your organization.