RadioBro Takes Flight

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RadioBro Takes Flight

Mark and Eric Becnel, the founders and owners of RadioBro Corporation, realized the first production model of their Mini SatCom, enabling small spacecraft developers to communicate with their own spacecraft, just eight months after they graduated from The University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Today, RadioBro Corporation is a team of engineers dedicated to harnessing emerging technologies to produce new, effective solutions to persistent challenges in aerospace and defense. Their expertise in aerospace, mechanical, electrical, computer, and systems engineering, material science, and advanced manufacturing enable them to invent turnkey systems, make improvements to clients’ existing systems, and develop unique components.

RadioBro participates in the Solid Edge for Startups program, which provides early-stage startups with free use of Solid Edge Premium software for a year. The engineers develop all their products using Solid Edge. “It is affordable and flexible, the intuitive user experience reduces the training time and enables the use of more powerful features, and the powerful features allow for rapid design-for-production used in supplier management,” Mark summarizes.

“The fact we have access to and are familiar with the CAD system Solid Edge was key in our original business plan,” Mark recalls. “This was a key enabling factor from day one.”

RadioBro, and many other startups like them that have joined the Solid Edge for Startups program, maintain a close working relationship with Siemens Digital Industries Software and the Solid Edge team.

Learn more about RadioBro in this case study:

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