Mechanical Design in Solid Edge


Mechanical Design in Solid Edge

Solid Edge Mechanical Design offers best-in-class productivity tools, from sheet metal design to photo-realistic renderings.

This video provides a few examples how state-of-the-art sheet metal tools can handle far more complex transitional parts, allowing the user complete control over the bending methods used when creating these transitional shapes. Quickly focusing on the task at hand, refined search tools in Solid Edge allow users to find parts anywhere in the design by using component property such as name, title, document, number, and more.

Other commands provide quick, simple solutions to modeling cuts required to alleviate mechanical deformation that occurs around a part’s bend edges. This happens in the manufacturing process when sheet metal is folded, and is particularly prevalent on thicker parts. Of course, these cuts are also visible in the flat pattern, especially when a part has multiple revisions.

Also part of the Solid Edge portfolio is KeyShot, providing even greater abilities for creating beautiful photo-realistic renderings. KeyShot 8.1 allows you to create cutaway views, exposing internal part geometry that can be created inside our core CAD environment.

In KeyShot, there are new ways of adding even more realism to an image. This includes spotlights and the ability to add fog or smoke to a scene, as demonstrated in the video.

Next generation technology provided by Solid Edge and KeyShot enable you to visualize ideas and bring your products to life.

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