Think Like an Engineer


Think Like an Engineer

Encourage students to think like an engineer

STEM education and career paths are not only important in terms of the advancement of society, but they also have a better than average job outlook in terms of career growth and salary. The value of an engineering degree is as much about empowering a young engineer to make our engineered world a better place as the calculus class that kept her up late every night.

We need to support and encourage young people, especially women and girls, to build the math, science and engineering skills they need to be successful engineers, but we also need to help them develop a broader understanding of those skills as tools for building a better engineered world.

When we begin to tell multifaceted stories, we find that a much larger and more diverse set of young minds identify themselves as engineers.

We urge you to encourage the young people in you life to #ThinkLikeAnEngineer. Help them build their skills using our project-based challenges and free Solid Edge software. Learn more at

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