DEVELOP3D eBook: The Importance of CAD Drawings


DEVELOP3D eBook: The Importance of CAD Drawings

As adoption of 3D modeling becomes more prevalent, it’s easy to downplay the role of technical drawings. But CAD drawings are still the primary mode of communicating with manufacturing—in many cases, they are a contract between the designer and the shop floor. How do you make sure that your drawings say everything they need to say?

This new eBook, from industry expert DEVELOP3D, describes key aspects that you should consider when looking at your CAD drawing and documentation process.

What’s inside?

Learn how to:

  • Create accurate drawings and data
  • Effectively communicate information
  • Include all the information needed for manufacturing.

It’s the combination of the 3D model and associated set of drawings that allows us to define critical information and to communicate it where needed—this document will help you ensure that the process of design, documentation and manufacturing is as efficient as possible.

Easy CAD Drawing & Drafting with Solid Edge

Drawings are the final deliverable for many engineering processes—they represent a contract between design and manufacturing—which means that accuracy is critical. But as product designs and assemblies become more complex, and with a host of global drawing standards to consider, creating, annotating, and updating drawings can be a challenge. With Solid Edge, drawing layout, detailing, annotation and dimensioning controls automatically comply with the mechanical drafting standard you select.

When it comes to establishing the requirements for parts when manufactured, the technical drawing still reigns supreme.
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