Siemens Engineering Design Teacher Training

Siemens Engineering Design Teacher Training provides secondary school teachers with the skills and confidence necessary to deliver the Siemens Engineering Design curriculum both in the classroom or virtually, as needed.

To ensure that the training is effective and affordable for all secondary schools the training is available free of charge, and Siemens will provide each teacher with a Certificate of Continuing Education Units (40 contact hours) upon successful completion of the training.

What can you expect to learn in this 40-hour training?

In this 40-hour training you can expect:

  • To learn about project/problem-based learning and the role of the teacher in the learning process.
  • To gain an understanding of the Engineering Design Process and its application in the Siemens Engineering Design curriculum.
  • To improve the facilitation of student research when solving design problems, and encourage multiple and varied solutions.
  • To recognize the developmental nature of Computer-aided design (CAD) as a tool for problem-solving and better understand how to guide students’ acquisition of Computer-aided design (CAD) skills from proper drafting fundamentals to proficiency.
  • To Learn how to lead cooperative learning groups where students work as a team, but each member of the team is responsible for all the learning.
  • To Explore various methods of remote or on-line delivery of technical subjects.
  • To apply file sharing for the rapid transfer of ideas during the design process.
  • To learn the effective use of formative assessment in remote situations as a vehicle to drive excellence.

Course Requirements

The following materials are essential for successful participation in the training:

  • A Windows-based computer, webcam, and high-speed connection for collaborating with other teachers
  • Ability to download the free Solid Edge software, files, and class materials prior to the training
  • Access to a 3D printer for the training along with spools of filament
    A dial caliper
  • If you need to purchase any of the above required materials contact Studica, or visit the website.
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Solid Edge Software for Educators

Educators who have not yet applied for the Solid Edge Academic Institution bundle, can download a free version of Solid Edge for independent study or classroom instruction.

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  • Complete the Teacher Registration Form (below) and email to _________.
  • Please also attach an email/letter from the school principal, (sample letter below) indicating support for the training requirements, as follows:
    • School agrees to provide equipment necessary for the course.
    • School agrees to provide a Windows-based laptop computer which meets or exceeds the necessary requirements for Solid Edge software. Pre-loading of software is required.  Technical support will be provided upon request should you need help with the installation.