Reduces development time by 50 percent

Pietro Signorini & Figli | Italy

Reduces development time by 50 percent

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Design and technology innovation for cleaner water

Pietro Signorini & Figli

Using Solid Edge, Signorini designs compelling eco-compatible products and reduces development time by 50 percent

Delivering excellence and reliability

Pietro Signorini & Figli S.p.A. has been one of the most important companies in the taps and faucets market for more than 80 years. With offices in Florence and Prato, Italy, the company regularly invests more than three percent of its annual revenue in researching new technology design. This annual investment sup ports its business partners by enabling Signorini to develop innovative and original new product solutions that help set the trend in this market.

Historically, Signorini has maintained a widespread market presence in Prato and Tuscany, Lazio and Campania, where the company delivers high-quality products to its clients while collaborating and partnering with architectural firms and construction companies that specialize in developing prestige buildings, hotels, mansions and farmhouses.

Signorini is renowned for designing elegant yet highly functional products that are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. These features represent the value of the Signorini brand and play a major role in enabling the company to develop professional partnerships across the entire Italian market as well as in creating the opportunity for Signorini to establish a strong presence in today’s international markets.

Products that respect the environment and protect public health

Signorini has developed numerous patents over the years. It designs innovative products that are aesthetically compelling. Moreover, they are typically much easier to install than the offerings of its competitors. This translates into significant cost savings for the company’s customers. Equally important, Signorini’s products are highly maintainable, retaining their value over time and enabling clients to minimize maintenance costs.

Signorini also pays special attention to environmental concerns and public health in its product designs. By removing casting and implementing green taps that filter harmful substances from the water, many Signorini products comply with standards set by the World Health Organization.

Using Solid Edge for product development and design

The Signorini tap requires careful design. That’s because aesthetic design and quality, as well as a high level of functionality and long-term reliability, are “musts.” Therefore, the company’s design teams need to be able to integrate the constant research they glean from sector technologies and the study of materials and shapes with the tools they use to produce aesthetically beautiful yet highly practical design solutions. In 2003, Signorini began using Solid Edge® 3D design software, significantly improving its product development and production processes, and gaining measurable quality and speed advantages.

The ability to easily transform conceptual ideas from the computer to production reality opened many design doors that were unthinkable until just a few years ago. Equally important, Signorini designers needed be able to control and modify the lines and shapes of their design object quickly and easily, expedite design testing and seamlessly deal with changes that invariably arise in the course of a project.

Solid Edge proved to be a very strong asset in these areas. Recognized as one of the best software products on the market today for medium to sophisticated design challenges, Solid Edge excelled by enabling designers in Signorini’s Technical Office to easily learn even the most advanced features and quickly apply them in everyday settings. And quickly responding to customers’ requests was critical, especially considering today’s increasingly global and highly competitive tap and faucet market.