Data security: Protecting your most important assets

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Data security: Protecting your most important assets

Manage and protect product-related data across your organization.

Data Management Data Security

Digitalization brings numerous advantages, but an increasingly interconnected world also means daily risk exposure. Cyberattacks have become a serious threat to both our private and business lives. As the value of data grows, how do you adapt security practices to the protection of digital assets, from a traditional focus on physical assets like machines and buildings? And how can better data management help you organize, reuse and keep track of your data?

Join our webinar to learn how to manage and protect product-related data across your organization. We cover best practices as we follow the lifecycle of data from CAD creation through IT/OT network to the shop floor.

The value of data management

Data management solutions create value by letting companies do more with their technical information in an integrated, highly accessible—yet secure—environment. Effective data management starts with centralizing technical information and keeping it up to date. With data management strategies in place, you can better support processes across the product lifecycle, whether you are managing change, executing work processes, improving quality, or connecting external suppliers and customers.

The need for data management isn’t bound by company size – as assemblies get more complicated and workload increases, even small organizations and individuals can struggle to sort through hundreds or thousands of component models.

Webinar agenda

  • Influence of digitalization trends on Data security
  • Achieving higher visibility, transparency, traceability, and security of your product-related data
  • Cybersecurity principles
  • Case study – managing and protecting data

Join the webinar to learn:

  • How to achieve secure collaboration that ensures confidentiality, integrity, availability, and protection of product and production data throughout its lifecycle
  • How to protect valuable intellectual property from suppliers, partners, competitors, and black-hat hackers
  • How to ensure data integrity and prevent data loss as it moves from one point to another, inside as well as outside the organization
  • How to follow industrial cybersecurity standard ISO 62443

Data management and data security with Siemens

Siemens offers a scalable set of data management solutions to meet the varying needs of manufacturing organizations. Our solution enables you to rapidly implement data management practices to improve workflows and experience measurable results, such as improved revision control, faster engineering changes, and reduced errors.

Siemens helps its customers manage data security, allowing them to benefit from technological progress while keeping cybersecurity risks as low as possible. A security solution can only be implemented optimally when it is continuously adapted to new threats. Taking this into account, the products, solutions, and services from Siemens for cybersecurity offer proven protection in industrial plants, automation systems, and industrial networks, even for those in harsh environments. With digitalization and the ever-increasing networking of machines and plants, data security is always considered. The use of industrial security solutions precisely tailored to the needs of industry is therefore of fundamental importance – and should be inseparably linked with industrial communication.


Sangamesh Andoor
Senior Application Engineer, Siemens Digital Industries Software
Muus Blokker
Director Business Development,
Siemens Digital Industries Software
Michal Dic
EMEA CEE Portfolio Development Executive – Mainstream Engineering , Siemens Digital Industries Software
Boštjan Virant
Customer Services Specialist,
Siemens Digital Industries Software


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