Improve budget and timeline performance with CAD collaboration in the cloud

Improve budget and timeline performance with CAD collaboration in the cloud

How can better collaboration, leveraging online cloud improve CAD and product development performance? This survey-based report from Tech-Clarity investigates how leading companies leverage the cloud online for better online CAD and product development collaboration.

CAD Cloud Collaboration
CAD Cloud Collaboration

Accelerate New Product Development (NPD)

Some companies are much better at hitting their product development targets than others—but how do they do it? Industry analyst Tech-Clarity investigated what top performing companies do differently to drive better performance, with data from more than 200 companies around the globe. They examined how these top performers collaborate and found that the majority use online cloud file sharing solutions for product development. What can we learn about how leading manufacturing companies leverage the cloud for better CAD and new product development (NPD) collaboration?

Collaborative Product Development

Read this in-depth report for actionable strategies you can put into practice to improve your collaboration practices and product development processes. You’ll learn:

  • What collaborative systems are key to successful new product development
  • How often most companies miss new product development (NPD) targets
  • How collaboration challenges impact the business
  • Why some companies are better at meeting NPD targets
  • What you can do to improve collaboration

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